About us

Founded in 2006. Abundance International is providing vital help to orphans in Ukraine who can’t help themselves.

What we do we do

These orphanages are not supported by other global organizations and are dependent on the care we bring.
We work with the orphanages in Ukraine to provide needed medicines, practical supplies, physical therapy equipment, and orphanage renovations. Many of the infants dropped off at an orphanage are rejected because of physical problems the parents don’t want to deal with. The government of Ukraine is only able to provide minimal provisions. Without the needed medicines and physical therapy equipment provided by Abundance International many of these children would be physically scarred for life – and some wouldn’t survive.

our mission

Abundance International provides life-giving aid for the orphans in Ukraine. We deliver food, medicine, diapers, cleaning supplies, and more, as requested by our orphanage directors.Abundance International supports displaced Ukrainian refugees with housing and other necessities for their lives outside of Ukraine.Abundance International provides for transportation, housing, and medical costs for staff and volunteers as well as logistics required for delivering aid to the orphans we support.Abundance International provides for translation and liaison services for working with these orphanages.Abundance International continues to provide construction projects to support orphan care.

our vision

Every child deserves a fair chance at life. We want to assure good living conditions, nutrition, and education for the vulnerable and disadvantaged orphaned children in Ukraine.

Make A Difference

We believe that no child is ever lost, every person is valuable, and all people are worthy of love!
Abundance International, Inc. is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible in full or in part.