Rockets Strike Civilians in Ukraine as Orphanages Continue to Care for Children

Rockets landing this week in Odessa critically injured 28 Ukrainians including 2 children and a pregnant woman. Four people died.

Massive Bombings in Odessa and Kherson Take the Lives of Five Children

Several days ago, there was a massive bombing attack on Odessa and Kherson that took the lives of five children. The youngest of them was this 8-month-old, along with his mother. These children were not in any of our orphanages, but the loss is felt by all.

Two Year Anniversary of the War Stirs Patriotism in Ukraine’s Children

In the orphanages, children drew pictures declaring “No war”, and “Doves of Peace” to attract attention of adults to the horrible things happening right now in Ukraine.

18-Months of Critical Care and Still Going Strong!

The news media may have forgotten the fate of these children, but you have not. I’m so proud of the team at Abundance International, and you. You’ve stayed with us and helped by our side.

[URGENT] One of Our Orphan Host Homes Was Bombed and We Need Your Help

We desperately need your help to give emergency aid to one of our orphan host families in Kherson whose home was bombed and destroyed just a few days ago.

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