Two Year Anniversary of the War Stirs Patriotism in Ukraine’s Children

It’s the two years anniversary of the war in Ukraine. The Ukrainian President announced that 32,000 Ukrainian soldiers were killed in recent months. It’s a great lost for the country, but we also understand that it’s a loss for families, first and foremost. We clearly understand that more kids will end up in orphanages and children’s facilities of all kinds. 

Children, like no one else, have been influenced by the war and its destructive power. Our Kids arranged a flash mob to bring attention to their plight. In the orphanages, children drew pictures declaring “No war”, and “Doves of Peace” to attract attention of adults to the horrible things happening right now in Ukraine. 

We admire their patriotic mood, they all put blue and yellow flowers and held Ukrainian flags, because Ukraine is their motherland, which is in real danger right now. 

We cannot change this reality, but we want to make sure that we will provide these kids with food, medicines, medical help needed and relatively safe places to stay. We need your help with those essential things for them. May peace come to Ukraine, especially for the children.

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