Rockets Strike Civilians in Ukraine as Orphanages Continue to Care for Children

Hello friends,

The painful circumstances of life continue throughout in Ukraine. The Russian invaders continue killing civilians, including children, with long-range bombings. Our condolences go out to families in Odessa, Summy, Kharkiv, and Mykolaiv, where bombs destroyed homes, bus stations, and seaside restaurants killing adults and children indiscriminately.

Rockets landing this week in Odessa critically injured 28 Ukrainians including 2 children and a pregnant woman. Four people died.

Many orphans have been moved to facilities further inland, believing they are relatively safer regions in Ukraine. Unfortunately, there are children in orphanages that cannot be moved because of severe physical and mental disabilities. We are grateful to the staff who stay in dangerous regions of the country to administer the extra care required for these special needs children.

Everyday feeding, washing, sanitizing, special physical therapy, administering medicines, cooking special food, and walking those kids – are all essential to their needs.

We are glad we could be part of providing what is needed for their care, and for your heart of love for the children of Ukraine. You never stopped caring, and we are immensely grateful.

Thank you for your partnership in this life-giving work,

Marcum Davis
Founding Director
Abundance International

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