Massive Bombings in Odessa and Kherson Take the Lives of Five Children

Several days ago, there was a massive bombing attack on Odessa and Kherson that took the lives of five children. The youngest of them was this 8-month-old, along with his mother. These children were not in any of our orphanages, but the loss is felt by all.
It takes a lot of people to be involved in caring for our kids. We are always very thankful to our donors, because of them we are able to help kids having better life, especially during the war. We have to be thankful to the people who arrange all of the logistics for that help for the children: making transactions, transportation, accommodation arrangements, shopping, deliveries, phone calls, connecting people, and accomplishing other different tasks is extremely important. 

Today we also want to give appreciation to those people who continue to stay with our children, helping them every day, cooking for them, washing them, teaching them, taking all care of them, instead of leaving the country for their own safety. This is the hardest and the most noble work ever.

Dear Donors, we ask kindly to help children with vegetables and fruits. At the end of winter and the whole spring they become much more expensive in Ukraine, since they are done with their own harvest, the next one will not happen for 4 months and fruits and vegetables most of the time transported from other countries. Current needs are for: potatoes, cabbage, carrots, onions, oranges, bananas, bell peppers, lemons, apples, and grapes.

The photos we share represent you and your care touching lives in this country filled with pain and sorry. You make a difference. Thank you for being an Abundance International partner in care. 

From all of our hearts to yours,

Marcum Davis
Founding Director
Abundance International

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