[URGENT] One of Our Orphan Host Homes Was Bombed and We Need Your Help

Hello Friends,

We desperately need your help to give emergency aid to one of our orphan host families in Kherson whose home was bombed and destroyed just a few days ago.

Generous local families took our orphans into their homes to give them a shelter and care for them. We had to build basements, arrange food and medical supplies, help to relocate children, buy alternative equipment and sources for heating, arrange new buildings to be able to accept more orphans from occupied or ruined territories among other things. All of that was made possible by your donations. It’s been a lot of hard work to find the resources and places needed to make this all possible.

Unfortunately, Russians have more than ruined any chance of a peaceful life for our orphanages by invading but continue ruining lives. The house of one of our families, who took in four orphans in addition to their own two children, was bombed on September 23rd, 2023. The only good news is that none of the family members or our orphans were hurt. Thanks to the parents, they had gone to the basement when the air raid sirens sounded.

We are currently working on finding a place for this family to relocate, we are helping them to save whatever is left after guided aerial bombs destroyed their house. The family consists of 7 members. They lost all household appliances and clothes in addition to the house itself.

We are just very grateful that everyone survived, but we’re asking for your crucial response and donations so we can help in every way possible. Can you even imagine if this had happened to you?

Please help us take care of this large family and get them back on their feet. Your donations are so important right now.

Thank you,

Marcum Davis
Founding Director
Abundance International

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